Timekeepers Club / July 2, 2019

ArtyA Son of Earth Precious Butterfly Engraved for Only Watch 2019

The Precious Butterfly Engraved is the perfect balance between Art and watchmaking: a fully hand engraved case, a dial made with a real butterfly wing and the exclusive ArtyA « Aion » Automatic Movement COSC certified.
In 2012, while the imago ArtyA was still in the midst of its imaginal stage, its father and creator, designer, and CEO Yvan Arpa decided to inject into the chrysalis of his brand an extra bit of watchmaking DNA, in the form of a new collection baptized Son of Earth.

With the first and last vocation of immortalizing the infinite beauty of the macroscopic world offered by our Earth, from its mineral origins to the organic life as we know it today.


And what more symbolic choice could have made Yvan Arpa at that time but the butterfly to depict the holy splendor of the masterpiece of Life on Earth?

Model name:

Son of Earth Precious Butterfly Engraved 1/1


Entirely hand engraved with 18K gold bezel and lateral inserts



Hand made with real butterfly wing. by the artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka



Exclusive ArtyA « Aion » Automatic Movement COSC certified



Crocodile strap



Diameter: 44 mm



Case entirely hand engraved with a gold bezel and lateral inserts, a unique dial made with a real butterfly wing and behind the dial feature the automatic swiss made ArtyA Aion COSC certified movement.



CHF  15,000 - 35,000

EUR  13,500 - 31,500

USD  15,000 - 35,000


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