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RJ ARRAW 6919 for Only Watch 2019

RJ ARRAW 6919 for Only Watch 2019

The ARRAW 6919 Only Watch, featuring RJ patented in-house 360° Moon movement, will inspire wonder for anyone who is fascinated by science, mechanics, and the vast universe of space.
“I want our watches to convey emotions, fulfill dreams, and inspire people to do great things,” said Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director of RJ Watches, adding: “I couldn’t be prouder that now, through this Only Watch charity auction, an RJ watch will contribute to the greater good by raising funds to expand research, and ultimately, to help young people around the world.”


The unique timepiece created for Only Watch expands on the design of RJ’s new ARRAW 6919 model, a DNA concept timepiece created to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The universe of space and the journey to the moon inspired multiple elements of its design, from its space-age aesthetic to the design of the patented moon phase movement.


The bezel showcases the original Apollo 11 spacecraft material within a super light, high performance acrylic composite. The ARRAW 6919 Only Watch takes the Apollo 11 inspired concept even further with a special three-dimensional applique on the movement disc, which represents the Apollo 11 Command and Service Module (CSM). RJ also engraved two significant lunar locations on the disc indicated by their GPS coordinates.


Just as Neil Armstrong made one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind on that historic day in 1969, the ARRAW 6919 represents an impressive horological leap for RJ. The timepiece’s patented RJ moon phase mechanism is the first movement produced entirely in-house by the brand, and it displays a three-dimensional moon rotating 360° during a complete cycle of 29.5 days.

Model name:

ARRAW 6919 Only Watch 1S45L.TZTR.8023.PR.ONW19


Grade 5 titanium, circular satin-brushed



Sapphire dial open to the movement



RJ-2180 Mechanical self-winding movement with RJ 360° Moon phases mechanism



Interchangeable ARRAW strap in black polyamide on black rubber inlay and black stitching. Titanium folding clasp, polished and satin-brushed, side plates in black composite and cover in black rubber



Diameter: 45 mm



A 3D applique representing the Apollo 11 Command and Service Module, entirely conceived and produced by RJ, as well as two GPS coordinates representing The Earth launch site, and the Moon landing site (the Sea of Tranquility) were added on the movement disc.



CHF   19,900 - 21,900

EUR  18,000 - 20,000

USD  19,900 - 21,900



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