Timekeepers Club / March 10, 2023

Ulysse Nardin Freak X Carbonium Gold “The Hour Glass” at Phillips

From 9 to 16 March, an exceptional auction will take place at Phillips. Phillips Watches Online Auction: The Geneva Sessions Spring 2023

Launched in 2019, the Freak X with a 43mm case is the daily Freak of the collection: light, comfortable, easy to wear, offering combinations of materials while keeping the exclusive signature of the concept: a flying carousel that indicates the time.

The present watch is numbered 30 of a 30 piece limited edition of the Freak X, made for The Hour Glass in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the luxury watch retail group.

Made of Carbonium® Gold, the Feak X case is an intimate "fusion" of 7 μm carbon filaments and gold particles dispersed in a thermosetting matrix, creating a veined gold effect of uniqueness and finesse. The case and the champagne-coloured decoration perfectly combine modernity and tradition, making this timepiece a true masterpiece.

This iconic and radical timepiece epitomises the technical greatness and innovative spirit of Ulysse Nardin. From the Freak 2001, the precursor of the silicon wheel escapement, to the Freak S, the collection has always carried a disruptive touch in its DNA.

Phillips Watches Online Auction: The Geneva Sessions Spring 2023, 9 - 16 March 2023.


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