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Timekeepers Club / May 20, 2023

DOXA arrives in Scandinavia

At long last, Swiss diving watch brand DOXA establishes a presence in Scandinavia. The brand will be distributed in the region – in Denmark, Sweden and Norway – by the Danish family-owned group Henning Stæhr A/S.

USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, India... Throughout the world, the presence and international distribution of DOXA watches are accelerating at a sustained pace.

The brand pivoted to a new strategy in 2019, focusing on the rich heritage of the DOXA SUB diving watches. The first sales outlets were opened in the UK and Europe, followed by the US and Australia.

Today, the brand counts more than 120 points of sale around the world with the most prestigious local partners of the high-end watch industry.

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, 15 May 2023 – DOXA’s presence and distribution worldwide are experiencing an unprecedented acceleration. From the first points of sale opened in 2019 – first in the UK then in Europe, followed by the United States and Australia – for the DOXA SUB watches, the brand has expanded to more than 120 points of sale throughout the world. Today, DOXA is opening markets in the Nordic Countries in partnership with family-owned Henning Stæhr A/S group founded in 1949 and based in Denmark, and now run by the third generation.

Jan Edöcs, CEO de DOXA Watches, comments: "We are delighted to have been selected by family-owned Henning Stæhr A/S in Scandinavia. With a wide range of beautiful watch brands on offer, they are one of the largest importers of Swiss watches in the region and also great connoisseurs of the watch industry and its customers. It is also the oldest company in this part of the world, and still in family hands, as is the DOXA brand, owned by the Swiss Jenny family for over 30 years.

Together, we are driven by the same values of an independent vision of long-term development, a common passion for high-quality diving watches – along with a history, a customer-friendly price positioning and a well-organized after-sales service. With the family-owned Henning Stæhr A/S, DOXA will be assured of being present in the right stores. These openings will be a boost for DOXA's development in this region with a deep connection to the sea and a taste for adventure."

Jacob Stæhr, CEO of Henning Stæhr A/S, added: “Looking back at our own history, Henning Stæhr A/S and DOXA have previously had a fruitful collaboration. Threads are drawn far back in time, where my grandfather, Henning Stæhr, established a long-term collaboration with DOXA. For us, it was therefore entirely natural to resume the collaboration once again, now that this unique opportunity could finally become a reality,” says Jacob Stæhr, CEO and third generation in Henning Stæhr A/S."

Based in Biel in the canton of Bern, Switzerland, DOXA Watches has been in the ownership of the Swiss Jenny family for over 25 years. The general management of DOXA Watches is under the responsibility of Jan Edöcs, CEO of DOXA Watches.

With more than 70 years of uninterrupted business activity, the Henning Stæhr A/S Group is a family-owned watch retailer based in Denmark. Founded in 1949 by Henning Stæhr, it is today owned and managed by the third generation, Jacob Stæhr (CEO) and Elisabeth Inex Stæhr, with the support of Bjarne Stæhr (second generation) as chairman of the board.

The group employs more than 35 of the industry’s best people in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and is headquartered just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. With a strong heritage in the region, the company relies on close, personal relationships with its partners to ensure a good balance between the interests of the brand and the retail distribution network.

About DOXA Watches

With its exceptional history, is it necessary to recall that DOXA Watches, founded in 1889, was the first brand to launch in 1967 the first professional diving watch for the general public with the legendary SUB 300. Developed in close collaboration with the famous American diving organization US Divers, headed at the time by the legendary Captain Cousteau, the SUB 300 incorporates radical innovations that make it the reference for military and professional divers.

Its orange dial, a radically new idea at the time, was the first colored watch dial, chosen because it still offers optimal visibility at a depth of 30 meters. Another striking innovation was a new unidirectional bezel with a double indication relating dive time to depth, ensuring a safe ascent without decompression stops.

At the time, the US NAVY no-decompression dive table was the bible, enabling divers to monitor time underwater as a function of depth to ensure a safe and continuous return to the surface.

DOXA engineers took the US Navy’s scientific values and incorporated them into two separate scales on the bezel, one in orange on the outer ‘depth’ ring and one in black on the inner ‘minutes’ ring - a DOXA patent.

Since then, DOXA Watches, which is based in Biel in the canton of Bern, Switzerland, has been part of the Walca Group, an industrial group owned by the Swiss Jenny family for over 40 years.

True to the strategy established by Georges Ducommun in 1889 of producing high-quality Swiss watches at affordable prices, DOXA’s independent status allows the brand to act quickly, adapt to market changes, and focus on creating watches that combine performance, precision, technique, reliability, functionality and style – at consistently competitive prices.

Today, the brand is led by Jan Edöcs, CEO of DOXA Watches. Under his leadership, the brand has made a remarkable comeback over the past four years, reviving technical and aesthetic innovation while remaining true to the brand's DNA and rich heritage. 


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