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Timekeepers Club / February 13, 2023

Ronaldinho visits Switzerland, and says ‘Yes’ to Swiss watchmaking!

The Magician with the Legendary Smile chooses Rebellion Timepieces for a special project. Ronaldinho becomes the ambassador of the Swiss watch brand Rebellion Timepieces. And more!

He said YES! Yes to a project that is different, special, unlike any other! A brand ambassadorship but also a “Father & Son” project: Two roles imagined with his friend Calim Bouhadra, CEO of Rebellion Timepieces.

His smile and his joie de vivre have forever left their mark on the world of football! His talent, his technical skills, his magical dribbling, his spectacular virtuosity, his zest for life on the field and off. What a fabulous player! A living legend in the history of Brazilian football and one of the most successful players ever in global football.

For years he has been courted, and always he said no to the watchmaking industry. Not a single project appealed to him, not one captured his imagination. It would take the story of two men to change that.

It was his meeting with Calim Bouhadra that proved decisive. That and the creation of the "Father & Son" project. A watch for the father. A watch for the son. Two timepieces, imagined in close concert with Ronaldinho, in a dialogue with each other.

We are rebels!

Ronaldinho x Calim Bouhadra. The two men get on wonderfully, sharing the same tastes, for joie de vivre, sports, achievements, team spirit and family values.

All of these aspects are reflected in the ethos of Rebellion Timepieces, which occupies a unique position in the watchmaking industry. Founded in 2007 by Alexandre Pesci, Rebellion Timepieces is unlike any other brand. Closely linked to the Rebellion Racing team, both were born on the racetrack, driven by a passion for motorsport, a drive for mechanical perfection, innovation, independence, performance, design, and a ‘no compromises’ attitude that continues to guide their development day after day.

A story of men, a story of friendship and family. The joy of living, the happiness of being together

This weekend, at the invitation of the entire Rebellion Timepieces team, Ronaldinho came to Switzerland to imagine and collaborate on the designs and functions of a future watch for himself as well as on one for his son Joao Mendes, who is following in his father's footsteps and has just signed with FC Barcelona, a club dear to Ronaldinho's heart, also a family affair.

Ronaldinho said: “I had a wonderful time with my friend Calim and his team who gave me a warm welcome in Switzerland this weekend. I was particularly touched by the great care the team at Rebellion has put into creating these two watches, my son's and mine, which we will be presenting together soon. It is a joy to be part of the Rebellion Timepieces team and I am already looking forward to my role as an ambassador for the brand worldwide.

Calim Bouhadra, CEO of Rebellion Timepieces, added: “It’s truly a dream, the story of a growing friendship between us. He’s the coolest and even with his full schedule, he still has that magical smile, is always available for his friends, and that desire to get involved and share beautiful moments of bonding that do us proud.

Titles and trophies aplenty

Jersey #10. World Champion in 2002 with the Brazilian team, elected FIFA World Player of the Year in 2004 and 2005, FIFA Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball) in 2005, FIFPRO Best Player in 2005 and 2006, Bola de Oura (Brazilian Golden Ball) in 2012, Player of the Decade in 2009... the list of titles is impressive!

Adulated by the Socios of FC Barcelona, a club with which he has won several titles, including the trifecta in 2006 by winning the Spanish Championship, the Spanish SuperCup and the Champions League.

After five seasons with Barcelona, Ronaldinho joined AC Milan where he was crowned Italian champion in 2011. In 2013, he won the Copa Libertadores with Atletico Mineiro, making him a unique recordholder in the world. Ronaldinho officially retired from professional football on 16 January 2018.

About Rebellion

Timepieces Based in Lonay, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, Rebellion Timepieces has carved out a distinct place for itself in the world of Swiss watchmaking. Passion, perfectionism and performance are the key values that led to the creation of the company in 2007 and they continue to guide its daily development. Sharing the same DNA as its sister company, Rebellion Racing, a motorsports team that competes in the most prestigious endurance championships, including 13 participations in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, all Rebellion watches are directly inspired by motorsports and created with exclusive Swiss movements and precision cases.

Nothing is left out, or left to chance, in the pursuit of a different kind of watchmaking. Instantly recognizable by their design, performance, limited edition production, Rebellion watches are created for those who share the same ideals. For assertive individualists. Intense competitors. For those with a passion for mechanical perfection.


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