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Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze

The Skull trend in watchmaking was revived by Bell & Ross in 2009 with the launch of the first watch in its Skull collection: the BR 01 SKULL.

Ten years later the new Cyber Skull once again confirms the prominent place that Bell & Ross occupies within contemporary watch design. The ultra-modern faceted style of this avant-garde model projects this family into the future.

Today, Bell & Ross presents the latest in the series: the Cyber Skull Bronze. This watch takes on the appearance of the iconic Cyber Skull but this time adorned with bronze. This alloy evolves over time so making each of the 500 pieces of this series unique in their own right.

Futuristic design

In 2020, Bruno Belamich Artistic Director of Bell & Ross, passionate about cutting-edge techniques, imagined the Cyber Skull, an ultra-modern and futuristic version of the model. This watch, with a complex personality, combines high-tech materials such as ceramic and sapphire crystal, and avant-garde design. We can also recognise it is a tribute to origami, this ancestral Japanese art of folding. Finally, its sculpted case is reminiscent of the angular fuselage of a stealth aircraft, which is invisible to radar.

Today, the new Cyber Skull Bronze takes up the square case with sharp edges and bevelled corners of the Cyber Skull in a bronze version. This unique design with this gold-coloured skull gives a very rock and roll look to this timepiece, which we could easily imagine on the wrist of a rock star.

The 100% manufacture movement

For this new Cyber Skull Bronze, Bell & Ross has developed the specific BR-CAL.210 calibre. This movement is a 100% manufacturer mechanism. Its manual winding activates an automaton part. By turning the crown, the jaw of the skull comes alive. The skull seems to sneer. The Cyber Skull seems to laugh in the face of death.

The Skull family is the first Bell & Ross watch to feature an automaton animation. These parts take their origin from the mechanisms that appeared in Europe in the 14th century.

On the Cyber Skull Bronze, the skull is inserted between two sapphire crystal plates as if floating in the centre of the case.

The BR-CAL.210 calibre, almost invisible, is concealed behind the skull. Plates and bridges follow the shape of the skull and extend under the four femurs. Only a few interesting technical parts remain visible, in particular certain geartrains or the spiral balance wheel. This element located at twelve o’clock symbolises the brain of this skull full of life.

The Skull Bronze, timeline

  • 2015: the BR01 Skull Bronze is the first in the “skull” family to adopt a bronze case that acquires a patina over time. This version features a pronounced retro-futuristic style.
  • 2016: the BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon, a unique Haute Horlogerie model with Tourbillon, is destined for the famous Only Watch charity sale.
  • 2017: the BR 01 Burning Skull Bronze is the bronze derivative of the Burning Skull. This model introduced a 3D dimension to Bell & Ross’ “skull”.
  • 2023: launch of the BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze.

The symbol of death

The central element of the BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze, the skull symbolises the fragility and brevity of human existence. The skull refers to a carefree approach to life which encourages to live life in full cherishing each day as if it was the last. The Skull family is directly linked to the military and aeronautic world. The skull was a warrior symbol for both pirates and Vikings. It was intended as much to affirm the bravery of these fighters as to impress their opponents. Closer to home, the American paratroopers of the Second World War also made use of this emblem by affixing it to their uniforms and their aircraft.

Bronze, an evolving material

Today, the Cyber Skull reappears in a bronze version. The case, the crown and the pin buckle adorn this alloy of copper and tin. Bronze is a living alloy that evolves over time. It acquires a unique patina in contact with each person’s skin. This version is the union of a traditional watchmaking material and an ultra-modern design.

A timepiece of character

After nearly 15 years of existence, the Skull collection has become one of the emblematic signatures of Bell & Ross. Within the Cyber Skull family with avant-garde design, the first ceramic Cyber Skull represented the watch of “bikers” or “pirates”. With its evolving alloy and avant-garde design, the new Cyber Skull Bronze is the perfect combination of watchmaking, design and technology. It features intricate work on the case as well as on the movement. Bewitching and fascinating, avant-garde and disruptive, it will seduce enthusiasts of timepieces with character. Available in a limited edition of 500 pieces, it will particularly appeal to collectors of Haute Horlogerie timepieces.

Technical specifications

Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze

Reference: BR01-CSK-BR/SRB

Limited edition of 500 pieces


  • Material: Satin-finished and polished CuSn8 bronze.
  • Dimensions: : 45 mm x 46.7 mm
  • Thickness: 13.70 mm
  • Crystal: sapphire with anti-reflective coating
  • Sapphire and CuAI7Si2 bronze case-back.
  • Water-resistant to 50 metres

Dial and hands

  • Skeletonised. Rose gold-plated brass skull (or bronze-coloured skull).
  • Gilt metal skeletonised Super-LumiNova®- filled hour and minute hands.
  • Balance at 12 o’clock.


  • BR-CAL.210.
  • Manufacture. Hand-wound mechanical.


  • Hours and minutes.
  • Moving skull jawbone when wound by hand.

Strap and buckle

  • Black rubber
  • Pin buckle in satin-finished and polished CuAI7Si2 bronze.

MSRP: EUR 11'900 

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