Timekeepers Club / October 30, 2023

Singer Flyback Cocktail Timer FWC Edition

Singer in partnership with GMT Publishings and the Fine Watch Club creates something completely new and creative that has not been done in the chronograph’s world before: The Flytrack Cocktail Timer.

Art of cocktail mixing

The effects of melting ice vary depending on how long it takes to melt, how much ice is used and the cocktail recipe in question. The art of mixology consists in blending all these factors to create a sensory experience – and cocktails that can be fruity, floral, balanced or strong.

As the ice melts, it adds water to the cocktail, diluting the flavours and the strength of the drink. That can be an asset for certain cocktails, for instance by dialling down the impact of spirits or by improving the mixture of flavours from various ingredients.

Balancing flavours: melting ice can help balance out the flavours in a cocktail; sweet and bitter ingredients can be softened by dilution, while subtler ingredients can be heightened. All this is invaluable when it comes to creating a balanced and more harmonious taste profile in a fruit cocktail.

Releasing aromas: some drinks such as floral cocktails can be improved by ingredient aromas being released as the ice melts. As the temperature of the drink is lowered by the melting ice, essential oils and ingredient flavours are released, intensifying aromas and adding a fragrant dimension to the cocktail.

A relentless pursuit of excellence

Singer Reimagined is an award-winning highwatchmaking company, based in Geneva. It is part of Singer Group, the Californian-based luxury brand that has become globally renowned for its bespoke restorations of the Porsche 911.

Singer is guided by the philosophy Everything is Important. The brand has become synonymous with the concept of Reimagining - bringing together iconic design with twenty-first century engineering and material science.

Singer Reimagined creates remarkable watches for a discerning global clientele. We are guided by an approach that encompasses:

  • A passionate focus on iconic design and definitive mechanical watches.
  • Execution with superlative attention to detail, following Singer’s mantra Everything is Important.
  • Modern engineering and materials combined with beautifully presented horological functions.
  • A deep connection with Californian car-culture and the Swiss watch-making world.

Time only 

Depending how you prefer your favorite cocktail, you can now have it strong... balanced... floral... or fruity. Just start your cocktail timer.

Triggering the pusher at 2 o’clock activates the seconds hand to measure short durations – here, the time it takes for ice to melt in a cocktail – as many times as is necessary, without interfering in the slightest with the watch’s accuracy. Pressing and holding the pusher halts the seconds hand, which can then be swiftly released at the appropriate time.

A rotating peripheral hour disc in black ceramic bearing the individual number of each watch accompanied by an hour-marker at 6 o’clock in the finest Singer Reimagined tradition, both in luminous orange. Minutes and seconds are indicated by the two central hands.

The engine AG6364

Developed in collaboration with Agenhor, Singer Flytrack movement, AG6364, has noble descendants, sharing its architecture with the prestigious, award winning, Agengraphe. A dedicated development, focused of efficiency and performance, drove our technical team and watchmakers to imagine innovative solutions to deliver a playful yet useful complication aiming to be the most minimalistic iteration on the chronograph theme.

270 components, manual winding, two barrels providing 72h of power reserve, 39 jewels and a unique flyback & zero-reset function. All characteristics providing the Singer Flytrack with the pedigree of a future classic.

The clutch, provided with triangular teeth, features a ratio of one tooth to three, to limit jumping forward or backward, allowing to reduce errors in case of shock. In the worstcase, the seconds hand can jump of maximum 1 degree.

When the user presses the reset button, the lever releases the clutch which disengages. The lever also acts as a reset hammer by pressing on a heart-cam in the center.

When the user releases the button, the lever returns to its initial position and re-engages the system to restart the seconds hand motion instantly.

Technical specifications

Singer Flyback Cocktail Timer FWC Edition

Reference: FWC-SINGER-001

Limited edition of 12 pieces for The Fine Watch Club


  • Material: 316L Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 43 mm
  • Thickness: 15 mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire with double-sided antireflective coating
  • Back: Screwed with sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant to 100 meters (10 ATM)

Dial and hands

  • Black velvet dial indicating 4 levels of taste intensity: Strong, balanced, floral and fruity.
  • Minute hand with orange luminescent treatment Orange seconds hand that can be converted into a flyback chronograph hand
  • Outer hour disc with hour markers with orange luminescent treatment
  • On the outer disc, each of the 12 watches is personalized with an orange index from 1 to 12 watches


  • Calibre: Singer Reimagined 6364
  • Manual mechanical movement
  • Singer Reimagined exclusive convertible flyback sweep second hand (60 seconds)
  • Diameter: 34.40 mm
  • Height: 7.20 mm
  • Number of parts: 270
  • Number of jewels: 39
  • Escapement: Swiss lever
  • Balance: Flat with AgenPit regulator
  • Frequency: 21’600 vph (3 Hz)
  • Power reserve of 72 hours


  • Hours on the outside on the disc with reading via the index at 6 o'clock
  • Minutes and Seconds in the center
  • Flyback chronograph

Strap and buckle

  • Singer Reimagined black caoutchouc strap
  • Brushed stainless steel deployant buckle with polished edges

MSRP: Price upon request

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