Timekeepers Club / March 29, 2022

GPHG – What’s new in 2022?

The 2022 edition of the GPHG begins with the proposals of the members of the Academy and is marked by some significant new features:

  1. A new "Mechanical Clock" category opens the competition to time-measuring instruments such as longcase clocks and table clocks.
  2. The Chronometry Prize is back to reward a timepiece that stands out for its remarkable precision timekeeping performance, and which is officially certified by a recognised inspection authority.
  3. A sustainable approach may be rewarded with the Innovation Prize.

Details can be found in the Rules for the 2022 edition on

Before taking part in the votes to determine the nominations and then the 2022 prize list, the 650 members of the GPHG Academy are invited as of now to propose the eligible watches they would like to see take part in the competition this year. The brands will ultimately decide on the participation of the proposed timepieces and will be able to enter other models in the competition from May onwards.

About the GPHG: Conceived in a unifying spirit, the GPHG has been pursuing for 20 years its mission to celebrate the watchmaking art worldwide and enables an international audience to discover all the key new industry releases in the course of a competition culminating in the awards ceremony, of which the 22nd edition will take place on Thursday 10 November 2022.


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