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Timekeepers Club / June 3, 2021

Franck Muller unveils its new concept boutique in Central Hong Kong

The Swiss luxury watchmaker FRANCK MULLER unveiled its brand-new concept boutique in Hong Kong. Located on Queen’s Road Central, where bustling business and leisure activities reign supreme, the new 1,600-square-foot boutique is adjacent to prestigious institutions, top-notch international luxury brands and hospitality. Upholding the brand’s pioneering design aesthetics and exquisite watchmaking philosophy, the concept boutique strives to lead guests to delve deeper into the world of Haute Horlogerie.

Iconic elements interpreting the enchantment of time

FRANCK MULLER’s iconic design elements prevail in the new concept boutique to lend a touch of elegance brimming with comfort and luxury. The golden gate is decked with the symbolic Arabic numeral “8”, inviting guests to embark on a journey into the realm of time.

As stepping inside, you will be greeted with FRANCK MULLER’s ground-breaking tourbillon chandelier, which is inspired by the Giga Tourbillon with a gigantic tourbillon structure accounting for the overwhelming part of the dial. 

The eye-catching marble wall is characterized by the index design drawn from the Vanguard collection in highlighting the brand’s unfettered avant-garde spirit. Based on its novel concept, the bar counter provides each guest with a casual, sophisticated open space to ensconce themselves on bar stools, thereby allowing them to experience the enchantment of FRANCK MULLER timepieces at close range.

The VIP lounge manifests a graceful blend of classics and modernity, with a blue-green color palette and embraced by wooden parapets, guests can immerse themselves in the time art of FRANCK MULLER with  tranquillity in their own private space.

Marking the “Crazy” moment with The Glenrothes

While unveiling the new boutique, FRANCK MULLER is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with The Glenrothes, the exceptional Speyside single malt whisky brand. In line with their common incessant pursuit of craftsmanship in their respective fields and superior manufacturing capabilities, both brands pursued unwavering commitment to refined taste and excellent quality, whose souls strike a chord with each other and thus make this powerful collaboration highly anticipated.

The Crazy Hours collection was first launched in 2003, which stunned the world of haute horlogerie at the time when it was revealed. Unlike traditional timepieces, the 1 – 12 numerals on the dial are displayed non-consecutively. The jumping hour hand "leaps" around the clock at the turn of the hour.

To celebrate the 18th anniversary of the iconic collection, The Glenrothes elaborately customizes and presents its 18-year-old flagship whisky, which was rated the world’s best single malt whisky in 2021, as an exclusive gift. Guests are welcomed to visit FRANCK MULLER boutiques in Hong Kong, including the new Central location, The Peninsula Hotel and ELEMENTS to pamper your palate.

An inimitable expression of fine watchmaking and bespoke customer service, the FRANCK MULLER Concept Boutique is now opened, welcoming all connoisseurs of luxury timepieces.


Address : G/F, 35QRC, 35 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Tel : (852) 6112 3198


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