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Timekeepers Club / August 28, 2023

World Champions on the Water!

Team Tutima triumphs in the Corinthian class at the World Sailing Championships

A dream-come-true finale on the fjord: After nine days of competition, Tutima racing yacht’s all-female crew outsailed 120 teams from thirteen nations to win the world championship title in the Corinthian class at the ORC World Championship 2023. This was both a phenomenal victory for the Tutima Sailing Team and its skipper Kirsten Harmstorf-Schönwitz, who has competed in many world and European championships, and a twofold success because the yacht’s fifteen sailors also won another prize as the best female crew in class A.

A racing yacht with female power

In 2009, Tutima Glashütte launched the Sailing Project and sent its fourteen-metre, 8.6-ton racing cruiser with a mast height of 23 metres and a maximum sail area of 257 square metres on a racing course for the first time. The company’s yacht quickly made its mark in international competitions – and that mark was visible from afar thanks to a prominent Tutima “T” on the fore- and mainsail and a depiction of the robust, pure titanium M2 Pioneer chronograph on the hull. 

The greatest distinction, however, is that this team of fifteen women sailors, who work together seamlessly like the mechanics of a Tutima watch, are stirring up the male-dominated offshore scene with their indomitable female power. In 2019, for example, they completed the legendary Fastnet Race as one of the few all-female crews in the history of the legendary competition.

Best times by tradition When it comes to top athletic performances, timepieces from Tutima Glashütte are very much in their element. Ever since 1927, the Saxon manufacture has built mechanical watches that can cope with the most rigorous conditions. The brand’s name alone is an obligation – because the neologism “Tutima” is derived from the Latin word tutus, which means “secure” and “protected”. These virtues enabled the label to create watchmaking milestones such as the legendary Pilot’s Chronograph from the 1940s and the Tutima NATO Chronograph from 1984, which is still the official mission watch of pilots in the German Armed Forces. 

The successful successor line M2, which includes the 50-atmosphere pressure-tested M2 Seven Seas, is a reliable companion of the Tutima Sailing Team at all regattas – and this timepiece was naturally also on board when the crew won the world championship title.


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