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May 31, 2019

David Rutten Streamline Meteorite

The new star is born. Belgian independent watchmaker David Rutten presents his kick-off watch Streamline, entirely executed from a piece of meteorite.

With a 33mm movement, leaving just 2mm on each side, the watch would measure 37mm, with a caliber cased up with a shoehorn, as in the blessed time of serious watchmaking industry. 

That was before the DR01 caliber with jumping-hours : round caliber, measuring 33.3mm, or 14 ¾ lines, about 8mm thick with its discs. The frequency is 28800 bph (4hz), with a 120-hours power reserve, which is a working week without having to wind it up.

The case is curved and features low horns to fit any wrist. That will make you forget about it, despite its 120 grams, wristlet included.... Speaking of which, there will be two wristlets in the presentation-case : a satin black python one, and a nubucked-calf sports bracelet.

The first 88 pieces will be on sale for € 8,500, or $ 9,850, or CHF 9,850. Of course, beyond this limit for subscription, the ordinary rate will be applied: € 14,850, or $ 16,850, or CHF 16,850

The far-sighted subscribers will have two payment options, and three types of discounts. The subscription alone represents 40% of the total (or € 3,400, usd/chf 3,940 ). The balance should be paid before delivery, during the second half of 2019. Cash transactions will be eligible for an additional 10%, for a total of € 7,650, or usd/chf 8865. 

If you introduce another person, you will have a further reduction of 10% (sponsorship validated only after payment from the sponsored party has been received).  Finally, if you are a journalist, moderator, administrator of watchmaking, cars or lifestyle forums, or if you are a blogger in one of those fields, you will get a 5% discount. Moreover, the discount system for sponsorship and press will be preserved for the following series.

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