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June 2, 2019

Seiko Prospex SPB097J1 Twilight Blue Limited Edition

Seiko introduces a new limited edition watch based on the SPB07; it's named Seiko Prospex SPB097J1 Twilight Blue and dedicated exclusively to the European and US markets: I believe this is the first time Japanese will desire a non-Japan limited edition Seiko Prospex and not the other way round. There's no Japanese nature or landscape to celebrate here, rather a piece of European beauty, given that bezel and dial of a Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue are inspired by the sunset on the Isle of Malta.

Designers conceived a successful and warm color combination: the bezel inlay is black and orange, the dial's color is a pale blue, yet the whole package works well. The case is 44mm wide but looks smaller, and the success factor is the case side's design: it is slightly curved and rather thin, considering we are talking about a professional Seiko diving watch, and stops at 13,1mm (0,3mm less than a Turtle's), making it the most elegant diver's watch in the Prospex collection. Seiko's designers didn't add any Prospex logo on the crown, something that I approve; it makes the Twilight Blue look like a stylish vintage-inspired ISO 6425 compliant watch. Last but not least, this is the most accessible Seiko diving watch to feature a zaratsu polished case, a technique that guarantees a distortion-free mirror finish. Production is limited to 2019 pieces, each retailing at € 1,200.

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