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DUBAI WATCH WEEK 2019: Nov. 20, 2019 - Nov. 24, 2019
  • Dubai Watch Week is a global platform dedicated to the preservation of watchmaking culture and heritage by creating one of the largest non-commercial events for the international watch community. Founded in 2015 by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the event provides an intimate environment for collectors, brands, watchmakers and members of the media to interact and share knowledge.



    This year’s edition of Dubai Watch Week celebrates two of the industry’s biggest progress drivers; innovation and technology. The intersection of radical thought coupled with enhanced technical ability has impacted progress in watchmaking not just technically speaking, be it the transportation of clock movements into wristwatches, to producing pieces that can be lifted thousands of miles into the air or hundreds of meters underwater or to watches that now connect with mobile and digital applications. It also relates to disruptive messaging, marketing ploys, research & development or transmission of knowledge.

    Dubai Watch Week evaluates and champions all the ways that innovation & technology have been applied to the growth of the watch industry in order to cinch its place in the future.

    WatchBox Studios

    WatchBox Studios offers insight, opinion, and entertainment for watch novices and collectors alike. Through its three YouTube channels it provides the largest Luxury Watch Video network in the world with live streaming programs, thousands of hands-on watch reviews, and professionally-produced original content.

    Join us at Dubai Watch Week inside our pop-up WatchBox Studio or watch us on YouTube from wherever you are in the world and be a part of the action. Our editorial team will be interviewing industry luminaries and collectors, live streaming at events and seminars, and scouring the event for the latest industry news and happenings.

    Main Exhibition

    The Dubai Watch Week 2019 exhibition will allow brands to explore this year’s theme of ‘innovation & technology’. Some of the world’s premier marques will present their interpretation of the theme through a myriad of techniques presenting their latest timepieces, immersive experiences as well as exhibiting their innovative application and desire to track and tell time.

    Chopard - Alpine Eagle Booth

    In partnership with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the Maison Chopard is proud to announce its participation at the 4th edition of the Dubai Watch Week that will take place at the Dubai International Financial Center, from November 20th to 24th, 2019. For the first time, Chopard will be present in a private exhibition area dedicated to its latest watch collection launched on October 1st; the Alpine Eagle. The 485 square meters, meticulously designed stand-alone area, will take the guests in an immersive journey to discover the unique Alpine Eagle environment. 

    An official launch event will be held on November 21st.

    GPHG Exhibition

    Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve Exhibition

    The only globally recognized independent international awards for excellence in watchmaking, the “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève” (GPHG) made its inaugural visit to Dubai in 2013, with a subsequent visit organized during Dubai Watch Week.

    This year, the annual travelling exhibition will enable Dubai Watch Week attendees to discover the competition’s prize-winning models. Watchmaking enthusiasts, clients, journalists and collectors are invited to view and admire the year’s finest watchmaking at Dubai Watch Week.

    The Rolex Experience

    This is the first time that Rolex will participate at a watchmaking event in the Middle East, with a dedicated exhibition exploring the universe of the Oyster Perpetual Submariner. Through panels and interactive displays, the Submariner exhibition tells the story of how the celebrated divers’ watch developed over the years. Guests will also discover how, over time, the Submariner became an emblematic watch on land as well as at sea

    Watch Design Masterclass by Fiona Krüger

    Fiona Krüger brings her experience in art & design to the masterclass where participants explore their creative possibilities of watch design using an iPad. She dissects the "how" and "why" that go into watch designing that leads to the final creation.



    The Horology Forum is an intellectual space comprised of a series of free-flowing discussions that take place between industry experts, icons, formidable pioneers, intellectuals, innovators, seasoned collectors and emerging forces to be reckoned with.

    This year, for the Horology Forum’s 5th edition, we have shifted our focus panoramically to involve industry drivers within and outside of the watch industry that will discuss controversial decisions, current events and historical moments in a meticulously arranged set of strategically curated panels. The common thread is the level of passion and commitment to excellence shared coupled with a strong belief system in what they stand for. Innovation and Technology will serve as an umbrella, directing the Horology Forum topics accordingly. All panel discussions are to be approached by our moderators and speakers in light of our theme for 2019.  Each panel will conclude with a 15-minute Q&A between the attendees and panelists.

    Making The Wait-List

    When no amount of money can get you on that list and buying your way into a clinical trial is more feasible- your heart's desire is perpetually out of reach. What does it take to get there?

    The concept of ‘The List’ and, in today's globalized climate, retailers practicing exclusivity who suffer the backfire when thwarted, emerging collectors plant their roots elsewhere. What are the deciding factors of the clientele that make The List and how has its profile morphed over time? Is this mentality stifling these retailers, limiting them to depend on factors like loyalty-bound, endless bloodlines or is keeping the ‘Birkin’ Approach still an asset? From major cities like NYC where one need's to be a resident to qualify for buying Tiffany & Co, we will also look at cultural quirks that impact and navigate a country’s purchasing power and habits. When is the aura of exclusivity sustainable, and when is it not in the luxury world?

    Six ways from certified and the wisdom to know your place

    Luxury vintage, pre-owned marketplaces and the players that make the rules- whether they adhere to them or not. How do auction houses, certified dealerships and officially recognized entities face grey areas evaluated by that dangerous thing called subjectivity? What dangers do collectors and clients need to watch out for nowadays, following major problems such as well done imitations that have slipped through the cracks even in legitimate institutions?

    Let us define different ‘Gentlemen's agreements’ established between the different entities in the market playing field of luxury industries around the world. How are these agreements established and why? Do they differ from culture to culture? We will also address buying behavior: purchasing from certified sources vs grey market and the risks involved, including acquiring forged 'Trojan horses' in reputable establishments. The question of publicly traded vs privately owned also plays a role in luxury marketplace maneuvering in these particular industries with subjective, malleable rules.

    What brings you here?

    Historically the 'juicy part' of the watch industry was entitled to the "Generational Echelon"- or offspring with familial roots. On this panel we explore nepotism vs people of non-watch related backgrounds who chanced upon the industry through unforeseen series of events.

    A significant portion of people who have ended up in the watch industry was through a series of unforeseen events. Contrast this to family run entities that have been in the industry for generations. Is there a hoity toity divide categorized by ‘echelon’ mentality? Let’s discuss how this is impacting the composition of the watch industry, especially now what with the ease in which dissemination of information is taking place and we observe an upsurge of self-taught watch figures.

    Caveat Emptor and his Money Mouth

    System Warning; Consumers have become Self-Aware. So why are they still complaining instead of putting their money where their mouth is and fending for themselves?

    Who is to blame when dealing with buyers regret, especially when those regrets reside in the millions? 'The customer is always right’ school of thought is fast losing its weight in this innovative day of Information-armed wrist watch consumers. Meanwhile there is the encroaching belief that retailers, authorized dealers and flagship stores are losing their clout. How should the watch industry adapt to consumers who have more tools than ever before with which to purchase a timepiece, but still seem to need plenty of help and inspiration along their journey to making a purchase decision? With this in mind, let's shed some arbitrary light to gain a better understanding of luxury market eco-systems- like the mechanical watch industry- between consumers, retailers, certified dealers, brands, e-commerce and the watch industry f-word: the grey market.

    Keeping up with the Infamy-Leverage

    How one masters the art of spinning bad publicity into gold, and JCB's eternal mission compelling him to top himself.

    What to expect & damage control when coming back from a major ‘publicly deemed’ failure with all eyes on you, especially in this overzealous age of digital stalker. What are the different tried and true methods vs innovative marketing ideas that ‘saved’ certain brands and entities- back then vs now? This discussion addresses how a brand handles bad publicity and gives us the opportunity to speculate the curious phenomenon of the publicity lifecycle; how public relations and different marketing tools give subjects the opportunity to release scandalous material and become role models as a result. This coming from the man who has reached the top, therefore the fall is much more foreboding.

    State of Affairs

    Thanks mom and dad, but we don't need you anymore!

    A gathering of the world's leading watch-event leaders. How are they evaluating their macro-presences in a rapidly increasing micro-functioning world? The umbrella of support these entities provide is arguably said to be turning redundant. Increasingly 'In-house' strategy with the help of innovation and technology has put individual entities in better able positions to act independently. With that, what urgent business could these 4 possibly have to discuss?


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