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The Longines and its Heritage
  • Everyone of us has his own, good or bad, story of dealing with a customer services or brand supports, one or another. Some even have their horror tales like Ferry's epic fail with Panerai service in India, that lasted almost a year. Happy you got the full refund in the end. Here's a story, which changed my attitude for Longines forever. I have to be honest with you, it's hard to surprise me. Any service. Difficult. The most important in all this, if you buy something high-end, the last thing you expect is a disappointment. Unfortunately it happens often. No one is secured. You must be ready for "we are the most ..., we are the best" but no back connection. When it happens, most likely, you will be dealing with the system, not with a living person. That thing "we are the biggest and most reliable" usually ends up with "call our representative" or "look up for your region". 

    Longines Heritage 1935 ref. L2.794.4.53.x, a limited edition with a date function, presented at Baselworld 2014. 

    The long story short, the more I come across undoubtedly famous Longines watch, the more I understand what reputation and customer care are, sealed by the time itself. Say, as a newcomer many years ago, I perceived Longines as something not very status. Understanding comes much later and everything becomes interesting: their classic heritage, beautifuly crafted re-editions, and long awaited comprehension of classic 32mm - 33mm cases, which are finally considered as "but hey, there was a time...when dinosaurs prevailed"

    Longines Majetek 3582 from 1946 Photo (c) Timeless Watches & Jewellery AG

    Looking back: almost four years ago, a friend of mine had an issue with his newly bought Heritage 1935, re-edition of Majetek watch with a date. I helped him out by reaching the Longines HQ in Saint-Imier as a local customer service kept on saying that he caused damage to a watch by dropping it, and this is non warranty case. The full story of events happened in 2016, on my behalf, can be read here

    Longines Heritage 1935 Majetek re-edition L2.794.4.53.x with a date function. The watch mentioned in the text, shortly after overhaul

    You may say - well, he's an editor, the blogger and Longines would do this to avoid further escalation. Not at all! I sent my complaint from my private e-mail to see how they will manage this issue. To my surprise I was treated like a king. My case was tied to a specific Longines representative who monitored everything during dispatch, service, troubles with CITES, and final delivery to Riga, patiently waiting for my feedback. 

    Longines Majetek 3582 from 1946 Photo (c) Timeless Watches & Jewellery AG

    Previous week, I found a vintage Majetek 3582, with no box and no papers available at a dealer from Liechtenstein who has been very kind and attentive to details so far, but had no additional information on this timepiece. I decided to try luck again with the Longines, as I recall time ago I announced their archive database for over 50 million watches, for all the watches they ever made. The estimated time for Longines Heritage department to reply - within a day. All the serial and case numbers were forwarded to Saint-Imier, and surprisingly, this morning an extract from their archives hit my mailbox. Alas, this particular watch has no war-time background: no blood, no sweat and guts, as they say. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful piece of history in a fair condition. 

    An Extract from the Archives Longines, dated 02.12.2019

    This service turned out to be free and it doesn't take long to be fulfilled. After digging deep into Longines for two weeks, while being banned from Facebook (what a joy the life is without social media), I discovered that it is almost impossible to get hands on Heritage collection, its current re-editions and vintage. From all that number of sold watches, only few are listed on the after market. IMHO, this tells enough to trust the brand. For those on the market driven by investment hype should consider this too. Yes, right, those stupid questions "will it keep its value?". You know my answer. (loading a gun with salt) 

    "Majetek Vojenské Správy" engraving on the caseback of a Longines watch from 1946 Photo (c) Timeless Watches & Jewellery AG

    Ze conclusion is as follows: summing all I have witnessed, I will buy a Longines watch for sure, and advise you to give it a try. If its not your cup of tea, it won't be hard to sell it after all. But hey, this is my personal view on Heritage watches made by Longines then and now. 

    For more info on Longines Heritage collection, please visit longines.com