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Welcome to TIMEKEEPERS CLUB - international internet portal dedicated to Haute Horlogerie. TIMEKEEPERS CLUB was created to deliver broad range of services for business and personal purposes. Here you will find detailed information about latest novelties from top watch manufactures; you will find answers to your questions about watch industry, growth, innovations and also about investments in this market.

We hope devotees and professionals of Haute Horlogerie will appreciate "know-how" of this portal.

Unique services are:

  • Collectors map – is the first interactive directory of watch business online. Here you will find contacts of watch manufacturers, authorised dealers, pawnshops and certified repair shops around the World. Information is being updated every day. This section is useful for collectors and travellers. Business members are able to place information regarding their companies and their services, absolutely free of charge.
  • Forums are created exclusively for communication and consultations with representatives of the leading watch manufacturers, and also the experience exchange between members of Timekeepers communities.
  • Catalogue of publications (books, magazines, catalogues) dedicated to the watch industry. 
  • Watch Exchange is the section for sales and trades of watches. This service absolutely free of charge.
  • Lost and Found section is the first global watch registrar, where any of the users can inform of theft or loss of watches, check the history of any watch which is being offered on the market.
  • VIP zone, this is a closed collector’s community with restricted access, live chat and summary from famous auction houses.
From creator:
"Idea to create Timekeepers Club arose in 2008. The key task for it was to put together everything that could offer watch market online that was not available at that moment, and to create something new that was required by this market for a long time. Works on creation of this resource took a bit more than two years. Result of this hard work is our unique services. All these services are free, as well as watch exchange for private and business users. At present moment we give a free hand to our members and we hope for prompt and lively response.

I am grateful to all who have supported me and believed in this idea. Thanks to all who have expressed their interests to collaborate with me. I hope our services will be useful to everyone. Have a great time on timekeepers.club".