Timekeepers Club / April 22, 2021

What is Expert View?

The Expert View section was created for a dialogue with the key figures of the watchmaking art: craftsmen, managers, designers, and collectors.

Here you can directly ask your questions regarding the activities and plans of the declared expert of one or another watch manufacturer. 

We will announce the expert's consent to participate in the interview in advance, giving you time to prepare your questions.

The expert himself is a censor and only he decides which questions to answer and which ones to leave without attention. 

In addition to the personal desire of the respondent to participate in the interview, the selection of an expert will also be carried out by a general vote of the community members through the "suggest next expert" form.


Each registered user of our community can ask a question of an expert using the form "ask an expert", but the choice to answer, or not to answer it, is only up to the expert *. Therefore, we advise you to approach this process with due seriousness and formulate your question clearly. 

* You should be aware of the enormous amount of time it takes for companies to respond to silly comments on social media just to keep face and remain polite to everyone. Our goal is to completely eliminate this.

All answers will be posted post facto to avoid those very questions that do not provide an opportunity to discuss important topics.

The decision in what format will be the publication of answers, text, or video, we leave to the expert.

Wind it up, guys!




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